A plugin-based dictionary application for your KDE Desktop

Klicklack is a dictionary application for KDE. Offering plugins based on KSteak, KQuick and gocr, it combines a nice user interface with access to a large number of dictionaries translating between various languages, serving our goal to provide KDE users with the best usability together with the best information available.

So what does it do?
There is a graphical user interface, based - with several enhancements - on KSteak.
Using the great free OCR engine gocr, it is now also possible to use a "click-and-translate" feature some of you might know from Babylon.
Two dictionaries provide you with information.

For detailed information concerning the plugins and their requirements please read the plugin documentation.
Klicklack itself requires KDE3/Qt3 (only tested with 3.0.3)

Starting with version 0.2, the backend part and the core functionality have been outsourced to a library, whereas support for UI plugins remains in the KDE application klicklack.
For more information on the development please read the News & Info page.

New code, fixed bugs, bugreports, suggestions and ideas are, of course, highly welcome!
(But do not bother the original authors of the plugins with bug reports! All bug reports to the Klicklack team.)


Thanks to kwintv.org for the design ;-)  Thanks to The Gimp for the graphics.